LSAT Test Structure

The LSAT is comprised of five thirty-five minute multiple-choice sections:

1. Logical Reasoning / Arguments: There are two sections of logical reasoning which are intended to test the applicant's ability either to draw reasonable conclusions from a valid argument or to detect flaws in an invalid argument.

2. Analytical Reasoning / Logic Games: also referred to as the Games section, this section checks the ability to track relationship structures throughout the written passage and properly account for the necessary parts under the conditions set.

3. Reading Comprehension: Precisely what it sounds like — this section measures how well you can read and understand various passages.

4. Variable: This is an ungraded portion and may be Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension. It's essentially used to try out new test things, but since you don't have a way to know which section is live and which isn't, you have to handle all sections as if they count against your ranking.

5. Writing: The writing test is not scored, but copies of the sample produced are provided to all schools to which the student applies.

In sum, with registration, breaks, etc., the test takes about five hours to complete.

The LSAT test is taken by hand, with pencil and paper. Scratch paper is provided for the writing sample portion; otherwise, all notes and diagrams must be placed in the test booklet itself.

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